Efficient customer support is a key to success for every ISP. If you check most reviews on any ISP major part of feedbacks is related to the quality of the support and customer service that clients receive. As most customers do not really understand much about the Internet or speeds etc., for them it is crucial to receive a quick resolution of their problem.

Thus we have added various ticketing reports that will increase the level of customer satisfaction in your company. They will help you to track and evaluate every single ticket and show the areas for further improvement.

All reports are accessible at Administration > Reports > Ticket reports

  1. Report Ticket List – this is a report that is used internally by our team to evaluate the quality of our tickets. We have a dedicated person who checks all tickets every week and evaluate them based on the following criteria: Form, Content, Timing, Feedback. Based on the average grades we can compare required time periods to understand how our support team performs.
  2. SLA Report – This report enables you to track and understand the timing of the agent’s replies. We can see the number of agent’s replies and the time range, this statistic will help you to improve the response time of your support team.
  3. Agent Performance – an overall report for all agents to see their efficiency and compare the performance. It allows you to track how many tickets were assigned, how many tickets were reopened/resolved, see the number of all responses, observe the statistics of all averages.
  4. Performance Distribution Report – the report created to analyze the response and ticket resolution time.

Should you have any questions about ticket reports feel free to send us a message to support@splynx.com.