Fair Usage Policy (FUP)

Many Internet service providers make use of FUP to regulate the data usage of customers. 

FUP is a method of restricting customer usage by means of decreasing or increasing customers’ internet speeds, if and when certain data usage parameters or limits are reached.

To configure FUP of the Interner plan, navigate to Tariffs > Internet and click on the arrow icon on the tariff plan you want to apply FUP rules to.

Internet plan FUP allows to:

  • Define the accounting of customers’ traffic and online time;
  • Increase or decrease internet speed based on daily, weekly, or monthly consumption of  
  • Block a customer if the allowed amount of data or online time is reached;          
  • Change customer’s speed based on the time of the day or day of the week.


Data Caps and Top-Ups

*Tip – First of all, please make sure that the CAP module is enabled at Config > Integrations > Main Modules > CAP toggle.

To configure a CAP for the Internet plan, navigate to Tariffs > Internet > click on the arrow icon on the tariff plan you want to apply CAP and Top-Up parameters to.

Internet plan CAP feature allows to:

  • Set monthly limits for each internet plan based on download, upload, or bidirectional usage;
  • Provide bonus traffic for the specific time period;
  • Rollover unused customer’s data to the next month;
  • Configure top-up plans, define their price, amount of data, and its validity;
  • Define notifications based on various scenarios.

We would recommend checking our documentation guidelines for more information about CAP and FUP parameters of Internet plans is Splynx.


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