Regardless of the size, the key desire of every provider is to grow the footprint of their network. You have to manage and store the data of clients that are already subscribed and continuously engage hundreds of people who are just wondering about your services.

  • Have delays in your replies?
  • Did not send a follow-up at the right time?
  • Do not have a clear view of the prospect’s roadmap?

Voilà – your competitor takes this client.

Splynx enables you to be one step ahead and streamline the lead and customer management process.

Sign-up widget

Self sign-up widget is created to automate the flow of engaging new leads and optimize your marketing promotion. It is fully customizable and can be easily configured without the need for coding. All you need is to select the necessary fields and place the generated code on your web-site or landing page. This is a very effective method of getting new clients, especially if you launch Facebook targeting ads.

In case you need a custom form that exceeds the basic functionality, our team can deliver it by a custom development project. This is a paid option.


Splynx CRM is built with a pipeline concept where you are free to create your own custom stages of the lead journey. It simplifies the work and leads management for your sales team.


Splynx enables you to generate custom contracts and other documents and immediately send them to customers. All documents are easily accessible and stored on the client’s portal. What’s more, it is possible to sign all contracts online.


All quotes and deals are created just in a few clicks. We added a shortcut to simply the quote creation process and reduce manual typing to zero manual mistakes.

Once a quote is accepted, just a few seconds to convert this lead to a customer with an active service plan and even invoice that is immediately generated. No need to waste your time on routine copy & paste.

All communication in one place

Splynx CRM has a track of all communication with customers including tickets and private emails, as it connects to your IMAP server. Your sales team will be always aware of any changes and stages of communication.

Another useful feature that improves your communication is CRM comments and personal tasks. Your team can easily leave important notes that will be visible for all agents as well as create personal tasks with email notifications, for instance, to make a follow-up with a prospect.

Tasks and tickets

CRM feature is also connected with Ticketing and Scheduling modules. Once customers agree to proceed with your services, you need to connect them. Splynx allows you to schedule a task for your installer directly on lead’s CRM profile. Also, if you use ticket communication with your client it will be linked both to lead and further converted customer profile.

Should you have more questions or you’re stuck on something, feel free to send an email to and our team will help you out!