Splynx can integrate with Email servers for Email sending functionality. We recommend using Sparkpost as an Email sending provider for communications with your customers as one of the many options out there.

SparkPost is one of the world’s largest and reliable email sender, delivering nearly 40% of all commercial email — that’s 4 to 5 trillion sends annually — and also has the world’s largest email data footprint to help enterprise-level brands make data-driven decisions to improve their email performance. To add to the popularity and success of Sparkpost, it is also simple and easy to use with your own domain!

To successfully connect the two platforms for email sending from Splynx via Sparkpost, please follow the steps below:

1. Obtain an account with Sparkpost and follow the instructions to “Add a domain”

  • Add a domain/sub-domain to Sparkpost
  • Create the required DNS records within your domain, simply copy and paste the details for the TXT and CNAME records to create them on your domain.
  • Verify the domain, this may take a while depending on the communication between your Domain and Sparkpost.

2. Create an API key on Sparkpost to add to the configuration of the email sending in Splynx. (The API key will be used as the password)

3. Configure the email sending Configuration of Splynx under Config / Main / Email according to the details provided on Sparkpost.

  • Specify the Sender’s Name, Sender’s Email address, and enable sending.
  • Select SMTP as the transport type
  • Specify the details for the SMTP connection according to that provided by Sparkpost (The API key will be used as the password)

Simply save the details and run a test with the field provided. Results of the test will be provided at the bottom of the page.

If you do have any issues, kindly send this query to support@splynx.com and we will assist you accordingly.