The video describes how to connect SMS sending gateway for efficient SMS communication with customers, single or bulk SMS messages, and automatic SMS reminders.

Splynx supports any SMS sending platform that has API available. Our forum has a special topic where you can find out which SMS gateway is more or less suitable for your ISP.

NOTE! The configuration will be unique for each SMS gateway, as it depends on the API and preferences of each platform.

It is divided into 3 steps:

  1. A section Main, where you define the URL of the gateway, payload, method to call the gateway, and content type;
  2. Enter authentication credentials into Custom Header section;
  3. Define the URL and account balance field name to check for your SMS account balance.

We also have a documentation tutorial that provides a detailed description of Splynx SMS configuration steps. If you do have any issues, kindly send this query to and we will assist you accordingly.