Splynx is the industry-leading billing & management software that easily fits all ISP business requirements.

Every day we work with more than 900 ISPs worldwide and clearly understand what features are necessary to ensure the growth of small and medium-sized ISPs.

Our main goal was to simplify the deployment process and display WHAT and HOW to configure to scale and automate your ISP.

Our set of videos displays how to configure all the areas one by one enabling you to optimize your:

  • SALES – customer onboarding;
  • BILLING – recurring or prepaid;
  • PAYMENTS – automatic online payments, debit orders, bank API integrations, and manual cash payments;
  • SUPPORT – advanced use of ticketing;
  • BACK OFFICE – scheduling and inventory management;
  • NETWORK – central automatic operations;
  • ACCOUNTING – integration with Xero, Sage, or QuickBooks.

3 main reasons why ISPs rely on Splynx?

  1. It is the one-stop solution that replaces many 3d party tools. Once configured it streamlines most of your processes so you can save on operational costs.
  2. It is well-supported. In 90% of positive reviews, our customers appreciate the support that they receive.
  3. It is stable. We enable our clients to install Splynx on both on-premise or our cloud server. Your instance is backed-up every 6 hours so you would never lose your data.

In case you have a growing ISP with and you decide to work with us, this set of videos will help you to set up the ISP without a need for manual billing and admin work, with a redundant, automated network and top-level of customer support.

If you’re stuck on something just send an email to support@splynx.com and our team will help you out!