The video describes general support flow and how to work with the ticketing module. Our in-house support system was tailored to telecom-specific needs, which means that you no longer need any other 3d party platforms to cover your support needs.

Our ticketing module includes all the features that the most popular helpdesk systems have but adapted to ISP-specific needs. So you can do much more than just replying to customer’s emails 🙂

The ticketing dashboard represents progressive and interactive data to easily keep the track of all tickets. Each section is represented here by appropriate format, we can observe:

  • Status of current tickets;
  • General and per-agent statistics;
  • Live log of recent activities;
  • Tickets that are currently assigned to you and your administrators.

The ticketing module is interconnected with CRM and Scheduling modules, so every ticket is assigned to the corresponding customer or lead, as well as the scheduled task.

Your clients can submit a ticket via the Portal, mobile app, or by sending a message to your support email – a ticket will be automatically created in Splynx. We enable you to add multiple inboxes like sales@, support@, incidents@ so once customers send a query to one of those emails the ticket will be created and automatically assigned to the corresponding team.

Should you have any questions regarding the Ticketing module or further information is needed, just send an email to