Splynx enables you to:

  • Have all communication in one place;
  • Connect your company’s emails and have separate mailboxes for each department and purpose;
  • Track the communication mailboxes that are important for you, like sales or support;
  • Send emails directly from the employee’s account, not from the general SMTP email that is used for bulk sending or company emails.


Splynx API provides a possibility to connect it with any email marketing platform to enhance your email campaigns. At this moment, we have an integration with the MailJet email marketing system which is available for all our customers.

Integration with email marketing platform enables you to:

  • Export your customers’ data to the email platform and create custom lists for marketing campaigns.
  • Send marketing emails and track the performance stats and analytics;
  • Configure custom flows, triggered or automated campaigns based on various variables.

Should you have more questions or you’re stuck on something, feel free to send an email to support@splynx.com and our team will help you out!