Do you provide services to businesses or individuals?

In both ways, bundle plans will come in handy to increase your revenue and provide more value to your customers.

Bundles are packages that provide an opportunity to combine your Internet, Phone, and other recurring services into one plan to meet all the needs of your end-user. The use of bundle packages is especially effective if you provide services to businesses. This niche can be very lucrative and requires low maintenance.

What are the benefits of using bundles?

  • Possibility to merge 2 or more services with a single price;
  • Bundles simplify the set up of multiple services at once;
  • It enables you to offer great deals for your customers;
  • Possibility to apply contract settings.

Bundle contract settings include:

  • Contract duration;
  • Activation fee;
  • Non-renewal fee (cancelation fee);
  • Prior cancelation fee.


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