As an ISP, being able to track and manage all the inventory of your company is vital. Having a list of your inventory items on an excel sheet, with the name of the client a particular item has been allocated/sold, or rented to is simply not enough.

The ability to efficiently track and record all the events of your inventory items is essential in ensuring your costs of inventory are accurately controlled.

Suppliers and Vendor Management

The inventory module in Splynx allows you to setup Suppliers you usually obtain your stock from, as well as the Vendors of the stock you usually purchase. This also comes with the ability to add invoices from these suppliers. Allowing you to keep track of the costs of the inventory you have obtained for each supplier you deal with.

You can also separate your suppliers for each different stock location as we have the ability to set up different stock locations. Stock locations in a sense of suppliers would pertain to physical storage locations like warehouses and storage units, etc. However, stock locations could also be technical vehicles as an example, as this is, in reality, a popular location where stock piles up.


Products are routers, switches, cable units, antennas etc. During the process of adding your inventory to the system, you are required to create the product and define a price that will be used when the equipment is sold or rented to your customers.  You also have the ability to add an image to visually identify the product.


Once the products are defined you would need to add every single item of this product to your stock. They are called items in Splynx inventory. When adding an item you are able to specify the location of the stock where this item is stored, the number of items available, and the cost price. The serial number and barcode scanner make each device unique in the system.

Your administrator can assign units to another admin, set them to internal usage, sell or rent them to customers or mark the item as broken and send them back to the supplier.


Splynx is optimized to work with a barcode scanner. You can easily add new multiple barcodes to the items or quickly search for a device by using any barcode scanner instead of typing long numbers manually.

The inventory module enables you to easily keep an eye on your stock eliminating mistakes, save your time and operational costs.

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