The Splynx scheduling module was tailored to optimize the management and support of Internet Service Providers, improve the efficiency of your technicians and simplify their work. It is a convenient set of tools that create a quick and easy way to manage the work of your technicians and your internal business processes.


When we configure a scheduling module, first of all, we need to define your projects. This is a sub-module that displays a list of all your projects at hand. Each project has its own workflow and tasks that are assigned to it.

A new or existing project can be added/reviewed at Scheduling > Projects


Project workflows enable you to oversee the tasks and their progress with a board interface. It is easy to change the status of a task by dragging it to the needed position. You are able to create a task in any desired stage directly on a board, simply click the “+” icon there.

By default, the system has pre-configured workflow To Do > In Progress > Done, you can always create a desired workflow for any project at Config > Scheduling > Workflows.


Every project has various tasks that are assigned to a specific admin or team. Any task can be created in the Scheduling module or directly in the customer’s/lead’s profile or ticket.

You are able to create specific task templates to eliminate manual typing and save your time. Task templates should be configured at Config > Scheduling > Task templates.

It is also possible to use custom checklists for different types of tasks, like customer connection, new installation, troubleshooting, etc. Task checklist should be configured at Config > Scheduling > Checklist Templates.

Every task has action buttons that allow you to:

  • To log and track time spent;
  • To add a comment;
  • To locate task on the map;
  • To check the task board;
  • To review the task in your calendar;
  • To archive the task.

The action log that is located at the bottom of the task window allows you to keep track of all activities that were performed within this task, see the worklog and all task comments.


The calendar view displays all project corresponding tasks for the day, week, or month view. You are able to filter all tasks per specific project or team that it is assigned to.

It is possible to edit tasks, change their priority and status directly from the calendar. Simply click on it and choose the option needed in the pop-up window.


The person who is assigned to the task will get a notification depending on the task change.

There are different types of notifications:

  • Notification after task assignment;
  • Notifications depending on the task changes, new comments, attachments, worklog or checklist notifications;
  • Task reminders (reminds you about ongoing tasks before the scheduled time);
  • Tasks digest (get the list of scheduled tasks at a selected time).

Mobile Apps

Our flexible mobile scheduling app is optimized to provide you with easy task management in the field. All tasks are located on a central platform, ready for your technicians to complete the job at hand with ease and keep you updated at all times.

Gone are the days of printed work orders, all tasks, details, checklists, time spent, and customer information is readily available.

If you’re stuck on something just send an email to and our team will help you out!