Splynx billing engine was tailored to specific telecom’s needs to eliminate manual management and automate this routine process.

Billing is one of the most important parts of the Splynx system, and it is essential to watch this video as we answer most of the common questions and explain how to configure and use billing properly, display how to charge customers and issue invoices for their services, etc.

Splynx billing is divided into 2 parts that work separately:

Recurring billing

  • Billing is pro-rated;
  • We charge customers in advance or for past periods;
  • Custom billing days;
  • Automatic tariff plan upgrade/downgrade.

Recurring billing type is the best solution for ISPs charging customers’ a fixed price on a recurring basis typically at the beginning of the billing cycle. This is a default billing type that is set in Splynx, however, you can always change to Prepaid billing in case of necessity.

We enable you to save your time by launching the entirely automated process of charging your customers. The system will automatically issue the invoices for customers based on pre-set billing settings and active services.

In case manual changes are necessary, you can easily do that within a few clicks as well.

Prepaid billing

  • Strict prepay mode – the access is granted only after the payment;
  • Automatic tariff plan upgrade/downgrade.

Prepaid billing is used when ISPs grant access to their services only after successful payment. When the time period has been reached and the customer’s account balance is not sufficient to pay for the continuation of services, the customer is disconnected until payments are made to continue the services.


Should you have more questions or you’re stuck on something, feel free to send an email to support@splynx.com and our team will help you out!